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Latest completed radio tests.
Radio test level
Number of respondents
spatialcomputerBusiness nameF22
vitaminside.comDomain nameF12
badvise.comDomain nameF15
flowcart.comDomain nameF15
visitmexiko.comDomain nameF23
americantrucks.netDomain nameC13

What is radio test and why is it relevant for a business name?

  • Radio test is a way to evaluate the ability to spell a name after hearing it. If a name passes the radio test, this means that a listener will likely understand it’s intended spelling.

  • "Best Sails" or "Best Sales" ? "Right back" or "Write back" ? "On Site" or "On Sight" ? You never know until you ask. Radio testing helps picking business names that are heard and understood.

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What is radio test and why is it relevant for a business name?
How can I radio test my name?

How can I radio test my name with

Sign up, record name pronunciation and define the targeted number of respondents. sets up the survey, collects the results and stores the resulting data at your disposal. Only 100% human spelling based on your recording.

Get a $5 sign-up bonus and radio test your first names completely free!

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